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What starter will you pick?

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User Info: MidniteZorua

3 years ago#81
*is among the Fennekin crowd*
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User Info: Mudkip43

3 years ago#82
Froakie is actually in second o.O
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User Info: Earth_Echidna

3 years ago#83
Froakie or Fennekin.
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User Info: LeoAleph

3 years ago#85
I'll break my tradition of grass and water andf use fire this time...I'm Nuzlocking this mofo, so if I get a Fletchling I'll freak.

User Info: psp91

3 years ago#86
Out of my love for Fire types, I will choose Fennekin. Plus I like the way it looks. Torchic and Combusken were the only designs I didn't care for.
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User Info: Gleason037

3 years ago#87
Fennekin. I normally pick the water starter because water's my favorite type, but this is the second time now that I've taken a look at the starter for water and shuddered.

Hopefully Froakie's evolution doesn't end up as horribly useless as Swampert.

Yeah, yeah, I know, it's immune to electric!

But my Empoleon can 1shot it with Surf. ; ;

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User Info: SorrowOfAcheron

3 years ago#88
I chose Blastoise, Typhlosion, Sceptile, Empoleon & Serperior, so by choosing Fennekin I even it out at 2 Grass, 2 Fire and 2 water.

Plus it's my favorite out of the 6th Gen starters.
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User Info: evoxpisces

3 years ago#89
I chose Chespin but I'm really on the fence about Chespin and Froakie. I think it all depends on what their evolutions look like. I rarely...if ever....start out with the grass pokemon, it's usually the fire one, but I'm just not liking Fennekin. I think grass will be a nice change.
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User Info: thechaoticclown

3 years ago#90
I need to see all three final evo's before I make my decision.
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