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Creat a pokemon based on a famous person.

#11X_Ayumi_XPosted 7/16/2013 10:56:30 AM
gladwyn101 posted...
inb4 Jynx=Nicki Minaj

Kardashian whatever is Jynx.
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#12CSplitterPosted 7/16/2013 10:59:52 AM

It narrates stuff to death.
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#13SergeantJamjarsPosted 7/16/2013 11:04:49 AM
Sarah Jessica Parker = Rapidash

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#14peteybooPosted 7/16/2013 11:05:49 AM
CSplitter posted...

Huh? We already have Arceus.


Name: Michael Bay

Type: Fire

Ability: Inflame - Makes all moves Fire-type

Gee, it sure is boring around here. *rolls eyes*
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#15wind64aPosted 7/16/2013 11:09:19 AM
Queen Elizabeth I

Ability: Manipulative Charisma: Inflicts Attract status upon switching out. The status remains until the Pokémon you switched to switches out, or their Pokémon switches out.

HP: 95
ATK: 60
DEF: 80
SATK: 120
SDEF: 95
SPE: 130

Signature Move:

Divine Storm:
BP: 130
Acc: 90
PP: 5
Type: Water
Category: Special
Sound: No
Contact: No
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#16spooky96Posted 7/16/2013 11:35:18 AM
Allen Tyner

He is a tyrant.

So I guess he's evil. That makes him Dark...uhm maybe Ghost.

Dark/Ghost. Cool typing SBAllen.
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