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Think of a humanoid Pokemon before you enter...

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User Info: CM_PLUNGE

3 years ago#21
Hitmonlee - Netherlands/France(kickbox/Savate)
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User Info: alatreon789

3 years ago#22
Mewtwo... American because the government is creepy and most likely does illegal genetic experiments.
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User Info: Earth_Echidna

3 years ago#23
I can see Sawk living in a European country.
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User Info: ssj4warrior

3 years ago#24
Hypno - Japan

It just has to be Japan.
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User Info: Viridipalm_user

3 years ago#25
Gliscor(looks sorta humanoid to me alright!)-Transylvanian-Transylvania lol
Landorus-I - Arabian - Saudi Arabia
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User Info: frazerm2

3 years ago#26
Sceptile is Scotish and lives in Scotland
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User Info: TherianReturns

3 years ago#27
MyNameIsNotJen posted...
GameNinjaGuy posted...
How is Gallade German? It uses fencing techniques and is based off of a combination of medieval knights and Spartan Hoplites/Roman legionaries. What about it says German to you?

It's German to me ok? So shushup and sit down!

Still odd that you associate it with Germany.
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