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Where did you find your first shiny Pokemon and what was it?

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2 years ago#51
Pink Nidorina in Silver. Needless to say, it fled-.- The second one was a Girafarig. I had no pokeballs with me then.
2 years ago#52
Outside meteor falls. Golden swablu
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2 years ago#53
Zebrastike for Gen 5 and Budew for Gen 4. I've never seen one since. :)
2 years ago#54
Gold Magikarp found in Sapphire while finding the Feebas fishing tiles.
2 years ago#55
Litwick while EV training

Then in black 2 I caught a shelmet while EV training.

And PKRS twice. Been a good gen, gonna miss it. :(
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2 years ago#56
Kitschgardener posted...
First caught: A Klink in Chargestone Cave, also in Black. Likely found when I was looking for Tynamo.

Scratch that, actually - the first shiny I caught was a Magikarp in Dragon's Den in HG, a month before the Klink.
2 years ago#57
I've never caught one until in B2 a shiny Litwick appeared in Celestial Tower when I got bored of the game and randomly wanting to chime the bell on top of the tower...
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2 years ago#58
A shiny Haunter in some cave on one of the islands in Pokemon Leaf Green, about 5-7 years ago.
2 years ago#59
Aside from the scripted red gyarados I found a shiny graveller that used self destruct. Then my brother managed to get a shiny venonat which was quite cool and while I was looking for myself a dratini in FR I actually found a shiny gyarados which was rather awesome but at the same time quite disappointing. That is all though, nothing else.
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2 years ago#60
shiny sunkern heartgold :/
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  3. Where did you find your first shiny Pokemon and what was it?

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