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Best Pokemon Movie?

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3 years ago#31
zinformant posted...
Legendary_Musas posted...
Is there really a better theme in any Pokemon movie? I don't think so.

Lugia's Song?

Oracion and Darkrai shutsugen - both from the rise of Darkrai which is one of the best movies ever made. Not kidding, it's fantastic
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3 years ago#32
My favourite films are either Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, Pokemon Ranger: Temple of the Sea or Giratina and the Sky Warrior. I can't decide which one.
The only movie's I haven't seen are Destiny Deoxys and one of the versions of the Victini movie though they're more or less basically the same film.
My least favourite films are the first two Gen V films, Victini is the worse and most boring movie and the Kyurem one seemed to short and wasn't really fun to watch though I liked Kyurem in the film and the few times Cilan's derpy Stunfisk appeared as Stunfisk is awesome.
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3 years ago#33
It's been years since I've seen it last and that dumb catchy "This Side of Paradise" song from Destiny Deoxys...
~This side of paradise... Is where I want to be. This side of paradise... For you and me. This side of paradise... What you get is what you see, and I never thought I'd see a place as nice... This side of paradise! Nanana nanaaaa! Nanana nana na naaa! Nanana nanaaaa! Nanana nana na naaa!~~
I'll I remember is pokemon playing on a playground and doing a stupid dance while some guy (or girl? Can't recall) was looked irritated on his computer. He was looking at them like, "We have an alien invasion here, guys. Can you not have a pokemon dance break? Like, can you not?"
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3 years ago#34
the new movies suck so much ass. 4 wasnt terribad, but it marked the transition of when the movies just started progressively getting worse.

after the deoxys movie, **** just got REALLY bad. ive seen the whole arceus trilogy and i saw keldeo vs kyurem. they were awful, awful movies.
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3 years ago#35
I definitely enjoyed ones like Darkrai, Deoxys, and Zoroark, but The first one is unparalleled, and im really not an overly nostalgic person.
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3 years ago#36
Either the the Deoxys one or the Lucario one. I do like the first two as well.
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3 years ago#37
The one with Arceus.
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