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who here doesn't keep starter on team?

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2 years ago#11
Didn't in Platinum (I was kinda paranoid I wouldn't be able to beat Cynthia, so ditched Torterra mid-game).
Didn't in White 2 (in my defence, I'd already used all the Unova starters in Black, and Blaziken is technically a starter).
Don't plan to in Y (or whatever) because I prefer unconventional base stat distributions and animated object Pokémon (that this board will inevitably kvetch about) over animal-based Pokémon.
2 years ago#12
I always keep my starters. I didn't play gen 5 but i hate all those starters so I probably wouldn't have kept any of those
GT: F3rocious Panda
2 years ago#13
Noctus3 posted...
Did until 5th gen.....

I didn't use my starter in Red either. But yeah, this pretty much. Didn't have a choice with Typhlosion (Houdoom couldn't be obtained yet). Blaziken, Swampert, and Sceptile were all good. Didn't like Infernape but I loved Torterra and Empoleon. Black and White's starters? Just...eww.
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2 years ago#14
so for i plan on using the fire bird and the psy/dark squid

still looking to see what else is out there especially for ground type
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gamertag: smeaGollum4
2 years ago#15
i've never outright ditched it. i usually keep them in my party, but in BW2 i had snivy and it was terribled so i mained the mystery gift genesect instead.
2 years ago#16
I benched Tepig (might have been Pignite by then) for the in-game Victini that you could get for a while. Only gen I did not at least get the Starter through the Elite 4 Round 1.
2 years ago#17
Depends. I once did a Eevee game, so I ditched that grass turtle.

I planned to do it in Black 2 (Rotom team), but I just couldn't manage getting the Rotoms from D/P to B2. It was too much work.
Official President of the The National Association for the Preservation of Manikins (SMT: Nocturne)
2 years ago#18
Noctus3 posted...
Did until 5th gen.....

Taylor Lautner - Giving me strength since the New Moon
2 years ago#19
I always have a starter as the 'leader' of the team, even in competitive teams.
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Eurynome, Lv.200 Sorcerer
2 years ago#20
Only ditch my starter in nuzlockes, that's when it dies, which it has happened only once so far.
Aquabowser... I miss you... ;_;
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