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Favorite Generation 1 Pokemon, Losers Round 2, Battle 9: Tentacool vs Wartortle

#1Samp98518Posted 7/20/2013 4:37:24 PM(edited)
Tentacool or Wartortle? - Results (17 votes)
29.41% (5 votes)
70.59% (12 votes)
This poll is now closed.

Yesterday's Results:
Venomoth 13, Pidgey 8
Venonat 3, Pidgeotto 12

Other Match: Cubone vs Wigglytuff ( )

Tomorrow's Matches: Mankey vs Porygon, Grimer vs Hitmonlee

Wartortle, because the whole Squirtle line is pretty awesome. Tentacool, as his name implies, is pretty cool as well, but Wartortle is probably my second favorite water type of Gen 1.
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