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Skyler is so damn hot

#21nekamiPosted 7/21/2013 3:36:48 AM
Hey guys, I found out who TC was talking about:
NekoHime64's alt.
"Though the name may change, the person underneath remains the same"
#22LightningAce11Posted 7/21/2013 3:40:30 AM
Oh god fritz. You really amuse me.
You got a problem, buddy?
#23melvin343Posted 7/21/2013 4:01:02 AM
I didn't learn anything from this topic. I'm sorry.
Brad Pitt, There's no silencer on that shotgun. How are you supposed to kill anyone softly without a silencer?
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#24RoxalisPosted 7/21/2013 4:15:33 AM don't get it...he said it that way on PURPOSE!
It's not that he didn't notice that the chick was copy pasted!
#25n00bifierPosted 7/21/2013 4:42:02 AM
See my sig, and everything will be explained about Freitz.
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#26GlitterGunsPosted 7/21/2013 6:28:19 AM
jamieyello posted...

Looks like common shota fodder. Yum!
#27Fritz0x11(Topic Creator)Posted 7/21/2013 1:36:30 PM
For clarification I am NOT talking about the little boy
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