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Admit it. We all want these games to happen.

#11emeraldfox_09Posted 7/21/2013 2:04:57 AM
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#12RyoukaiPosted 7/21/2013 2:28:33 AM
SMT x Pokemon.
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#13XWolfOPosted 7/21/2013 2:33:06 AM
Nope. Playing as the bad guy really isn't that exciting. It's actually pretty boring.
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#14ElectricNovaPosted 7/21/2013 2:40:54 AM
I really don't want this....

Really I just want a large, fleshed out region with interesting towns, lots of good new Pokémon to catch, new moves, abilities and items and whatever other interesting new features GF throws at us.

The versions shouldn't be completely separate games IMO. And doing missions doesn't sound that fun.
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