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Rename the Fairy type!

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User Info: RDS1

3 years ago#31
bd43 posted...
I don't mind Fairy type for the name, just for the developer's own opinion on the type.

Every Gen 6 fairy pokemon so far is or has some Pink. And judging by how they develop things, it will take two gens to fix that up.

Why is this a problem? It matches the type indicator. Lots of Fire-types are red, lots of Dark-types are black, lots of Rock- and Ground-types are brown...
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shiningpikablu252 3 years ago#32
Master_Albert posted...
i dunno but fairy typ is a relly stoopid name, i feel like just that will make gen 9 kinda bad

All by an actual Game Freak employee. If X/Y really were supposed to be the ninth generation, I'm sure Masuda wouldn't be using the phrase "the evolved sixth generation of Pokémon" to refer to X/Y.

If it were to be the ninth generation, for one there'd have to be nine sets of starters--nine Grass-type starters, nine Fire-type starters, nine Water-type starters. I'll give you one chance to back up your ninth-generation claim. Starting with Bulbasaur and ending with Chespin, name all nine Grass-type fully unevolved starter Pokémon in order of introduction, making sure not to use more than one Pokémon from a generation and not using the same Pokémon twice...
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User Info: SinExDeath

3 years ago#33
Fae/Sidhe/Seelie would be kinda cool but feel most people who pick up the game would be all "da ****?"

The name isn't as big of a deal as the so far revealed Pokemon. Where's my Dullahan?
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User Info: agent9149

3 years ago#34
wind64a posted...
jakovu posted...
Scott1187 posted...
Xerneas is extremely feminine...

I'll be frank, I don't see Xerneas as being at all feminine. Same with Mewtwo's new forme and Maractus.

I find it odd too. Especially since large horns or antlers are primarily a masculine trait.

He's too beautiful. Only ugly Pokémon can be masculine. /s

User Info: bradvd

3 years ago#35
Fairy type is fiiiine!
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User Info: thesunscenter

3 years ago#37
fairy type is fine no need to rename
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User Info: Rad_Dudesman

3 years ago#38
It doesn't need to be renamed

We have types named Dragon, Bug, and Ghost, and no one complains about those
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User Info: morpheus1138

3 years ago#39
And what is good, Phaedrus, and what is not good - need we anyone to tell us these things?

User Info: Sab_Liath

3 years ago#40
Navi Type
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