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Favorite Generation 1 Pokemon, Losers Round 2, Battle 14: Hypno vs Drowzee

#1Samp98518Posted 7/22/2013 5:07:17 PM(edited)
Hypno or Drowzee? - Results (35 votes)
37.14% (13 votes)
62.86% (22 votes)
This poll is now closed.

Yesterday's Results:
Mankey 5, Porygon 8
Grimer 3, Hitmonlee 6

Other Match: Kadabra vs Tauros ( )

Tomorrow's Matches: Meowth vs Kangaskhan, Doduo vs Weezing

Same evolutionary line today, but I prefer Drowzee. Slightly less creepy, and I like how it looks more.
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#2MagmastaPosted 7/22/2013 5:08:42 PM
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#3-Chespear-Posted 7/25/2013 2:47:49 AM
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