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Your favorite Pokemon YouTuber?

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3 years ago#21
Although he/she (I don't know the gender, sorry) posts different videos and doesn't narrate, I quite like watching Overhazard's Pokémon Battle Revolution battles on Wi-Fi.
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3 years ago#22
Poketeckers does egglockes
kingdaddydmac has a competitive playlist
3 years ago#23
Haydunn, Marriland and flaming spade are good. Also dont watch pimpnite his sweeps are stolen from other people and when doesnt steal them he battles with himself
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3 years ago#24
JWittz Shofu Marriland and Tamashii.
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3 years ago#25
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3 years ago#26
Shofu and wilechase are the only good ones who are active that i've found

Will check some of these plebs out later. I expect to be let down
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3 years ago#27
Does Chuggaconroy count?
3 years ago#28
I like Hoodlumscarfty but his videos are a bit too long..
3 years ago#29
I like marriland, his videos are entertaining and funny. I used to like lueroi but now he's so boring. Same with superskarmory.

I have watched shofus online battles, and jimmy31428, but he closed his channel.
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3 years ago#30
Thepenguinking2 posted...
Lol@anyone that says Haydunn.
literally 100% of haydunn's "Humor" is nothing but swearing and sexual jokes.

not to sound like a fanboy but his Lets plays and wifi battles are pretty entertaining netherless despite that. Plus i cant stand extrodinatejunior or whatever hes called his videos are intresting but he never shuts the hell up and just rambles on. at least chuggaconroy does it right
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