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3 years ago#1
Your favorite food becomes a Pokemon...

And it's the best thing in the game...
Including Ubers.
I'm not easily impressed; I'm usually oblivious to whatever's in front of me.
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3 years ago#2
I don't know.
3 years ago#3
yay cheesecake pokemon ^_^
3 years ago#4
a curry pokemon. i'd use it for sure, but im sure everyone would be upset lol
3 years ago#5
holy manure a corn Pokémon
Build a man a fire, keep him warm for a day.
Set a man on fire, keep him warm for the rest of his life.
3 years ago#6
Taco pokemon!
3 years ago#7
I choose you! Dumplingmon!
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3 years ago#8
PIzza, fire/ground type?
3 years ago#9
Well, my favorite food is pasta. So flying spaghetti monster, I guess.

As for my reaction, I'd be doing my "I've gots me a new favorite pokemon" dance.
Gamer for life, 31 years and counting.
A life without video games is not a life worth living.
3 years ago#10
My spaghetti turns into something stronger than Arceus, eh...?
Apparently, I'm nobody.
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