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How will you play your gen 6 game?

#11MagikarpRulesPosted 7/23/2013 8:41:43 PM
I'll catch and/or trade and then train as many Pokémon as I can, like I've done since the beginning. Then, I'll pick my 6 mons to beat the E4 and the Champion.
#12AlI_About_The_UPosted 7/23/2013 8:43:19 PM
I usually battle with two Pokemon, sometimes three.
#13pyrotempestwingPosted 7/23/2013 8:56:18 PM(edited)
I always go for a combo of 1 and 2. I rotate Pokémon in and out for HMs, but I always train them like normal. I will even go out of my way to have it match my other Pokémons' level.

EDIT: I'll usually delete the less useful HMs when I get the chance.
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#14Rose_MagePosted 7/23/2013 9:04:18 PM
I'll get Froakie then capture five others in Kalos I really like. That's how.
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#15AysanderPosted 7/23/2013 9:08:14 PM

I'll probably catch like...everything available before gym 4, and then spend 4 or 5 hours TRYING to decide on main pokes, and I'll still end up saying screw it and have a 20 poke rotation...