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Random Pokemon of the day #1: Anorith

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User Info: DoctorPiranha3

3 years ago#1
Basically, I'm going to keep these topics up until the day the game is released. We discuss the Pokemon I have designated worthy of discussing about.

So, Anorith. He's the first prehistoric bug, and I always liked him and Armaldo much better than Lileep and Cradily. Strangely, I've never really used an Anorith or Armaldo before... I should probably get on that.
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User Info: X_Ayumi_X

3 years ago#2
I used to like him and Armaldo until I noticed which were it's eyes.
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3 years ago#3
When i noob-ly designed my mono-rock armaldo was on it
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User Info: MickeyRocksa

3 years ago#4
thought it was areodactyle or something like this
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