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Pokemon that surprised you the first time you saw it.

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User Info: lyle81992

3 years ago#51
Slaking.When I saw it I thought it was stupid.It then proceeded to curbstomp my team.I then went to Petalburg Forest,caught a Slakoth leveled it up used it to sweep Petalburg Gym and its still sweeping teams on WiFi in Black to this day.
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User Info: InninXI

3 years ago#52
Misdreavis in Mt.Silver on my original gold version
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User Info: deadpool848

3 years ago#53
Magnezone, since I skipped gen 4 i didnt know about it when playing White 2, and as i was battling with my magneton in chargestone cave, it started evolving, and I was like, magneton evoles now? And then magnezone apeared and my mind was blown.

User Info: Brandon042487

3 years ago#54
I remember seeing Wailord the first time was like "cool a small whale" then I read it's pokedex info.

O.O how can this thing even fit inside the pokeball?
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User Info: TheFairyTrainer

3 years ago#55
Oshawott's adult/final form.
What were they thinking?
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User Info: Purification

3 years ago#56
Bulbasaur: weird plant thing
Ivysaur: more vicious looking weird plant thing, made me go lololol
Venusaur: wtf cool, its so big now
Charmander: cute little thing
Charmeleon: O_O u just got angry
Squirtle: turtles make me lulz
Wartortle: eh..more turtles
Blastoise: DA HECK, made me go totally O_O O_O O_O
Caterpie: bugs are surprising
Metapod: lulz i totally expected that morphing into a cocooon
Butterfree: stereotypical butterfly thingy
Weedle: lulz bug more plz
Kakuna: ..........
Beedrill: who didnt see that cuming?
Pidgey: cooool birdy! throws balls
Pidgeotto: omg cool
Pidgeot: u so coool now
Rattata: my house has so many mices so seeing this thing was cool and its purpe
Raticate: wtf it looks so different gimme back my ratatatata
Spearow: sppppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaarow
Fearow: fear-row lol such a big pun
Ekans: ekkans, fan of jessy so when i saw this was so surpised
Arbok: hek yeah charrrbok
Pikachu: pika pika pika? chu? chu
Raichu: duuude lt surrge kicks ash
Sandshrew: laaame
Sandslash: cooool
Nidoran♀ cute ^_^
Nidorina weird
Nidoqueen cool but nidoking is more awesome cus its a man
Nidoran♂ cute
Nidorino cuuter
Nidoking heck yeah, this thing is my bro
Clefairy its a fairy from the moon :D
Clefable o-o what did my moon stone do to you?!
Vulpix beutiful i know why brock luvs you now
Ninetales amazing, was my favorite pokemon card till my brother wrecked it ._.
Jigglypuff jiggles
Wigglytuff wiggles instead ._. I want my jiggles back
Zubat so cool
Golbat omg team rockets
Oddish u so odd
Gloom why so sad? ms emo
Vileplume pluuuume
Paras omg its a weird thing
Parasect scary 0)0
Venonat poison cool
Venomoth venom!!!!!!! spiderman, i gonna kick ur behind!
Diglett wtf is under this thing?
Dugtrio wtf kinda eovlution is this?! its just three diglets together -_-
Meowth teaaam rocket
Persian giooovanni
Psyduck psy duck?! derp derp
Golduck how da f does mr derp derp turn into youz
Mankey more like monkey
Primeape surprise
Growlithe i like dogs
Arcanine coooler dog
Poliwag wag ur tale more
Poliwhirl whiirly
Poliwrath ong so coool i luv this thing
Abra lul pun abra
Kadabra kadabra :DDDDD
Alakazam i am....alakazam!

pokemon really surprise me =D
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User Info: LightningHawk90

3 years ago#57
I remember seeing Blaziken in the Johto Pokemon League episodes and freaking the **** out.
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User Info: Thepenguinking2

3 years ago#58
My immediate thought before it swept my entire team was "Is that an Unown evo? SWEET!"
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User Info: BornInLondon

3 years ago#59
Lucario and Garchomp when facing them for the first time on Pokemon Black. (I hadn't played since Gen 2)
I thought Lucario was a Dragon/Fighting type since it used Dragon Pulse on my Reshiram, and thought Garchomp was a pterodactyl Pokemon that was part Rock. Also, Garchomp ended up destroying my team.
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