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Alright kids, what is hacking in your books

#41zrh5033Posted 7/28/2013 4:06:28 PM
I have used and continue to use A pokemon generator to get pokemon I have tk trade to get/evolve if I want them. Is it hacking? Heck yeah it is! Is it ethical? To some no but to me it's a means to an otherwise unreachable end. If I would consider battling online with real players then I would definitely leave my pokegen'd pokemon behind even though they have regular stats and aren't godly but no matter how you look at it it is hacking plain and simple.
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#42DarkHeroRavenPosted 7/28/2013 4:07:43 PM
While I don't use AR (anymore), I do not mind the use of Pokegen, and indeed use it myself, for the manipulation of IVs and IVs only. As a result of this, I tend only to battle with friends who either do the same or know I do it and don't mind - and that's how I find battling the most fun, anyway; with friends. Illegal movesets and such, however, is a big no-no. Only time I ever did anything like that was making Pure Power Regigigas and Deoxys-A with ridiculous movesets (like EQ/Sacred Fire/Close Combat/Bolt Strike or something) strictly to use ingame for the lulz. And by this point I'd already finished everything in-game so I just wanted to do it for kicks.