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basketball thing not related to durant

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User Info: GoldenSWarriors

3 years ago#1

saw this on the nba board and thought I'd post it here. It's so perfect lol.
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User Info: Swampert27

3 years ago#2

User Info: Volren617

3 years ago#3
Old news

User Info: ragefan187

3 years ago#4
Yea your a bit late, still funny though

User Info: BadKarma_JT

3 years ago#5
I lol'd... first time seeing it.
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User Info: ArabianPenguins

3 years ago#6
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User Info: ImOver9000

3 years ago#7
BadKarma_JT posted...
I lol'd... first time seeing it.
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User Info: RTC3

3 years ago#8
this idea first showed up on the nbab during the lolmavs era and "dirk is a choker" phase

in a topic someone said dirk = machoke and someone else said "that means if he gets traded he'll evolve into machamp" course he didnt need to be traded after all doe
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User Info: Ray Gun

Ray Gun
3 years ago#9
rtc3 laying down faqs history

User Info: AlI_About_The_U

3 years ago#10
Crazy old, but makes me smile, nonetheless.
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