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Switching my usual starter type in this game. You?

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3 years ago#71
I don't have a usual starter, I pick what I like best.

Gen I: Fire
Gen II: Fire
Gen III: Grass
Gen IV: Grass
Gen V: Water
Gen VI: ???

I'll decide when I see the final forms.
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3 years ago#72
I usually pick Grass, and I'm planning on picking Chespin this gen, so no.
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3 years ago#73
Yup, I'm switching to Chespin. Froakie just doesn't seem as interesting as every other water starter.
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3 years ago#74
I always pick fire , and after seeing fennekin I know there's no reason to change .
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3 years ago#75
I just pick which has the coolest looking evolve forms...
3 years ago#76
I usually pick grass, but if Froakie does turn out to be a fast water type, maybe I'd go for him.
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3 years ago#77
I've been really wanting fennekin but also want talonflame & litleo and that's just to many fire types to start off with. So im thinking of starting with chespin and get fennekin later through a trade because i know people are going to breed a ton of them.

Oh yeah i usually pick water or fire, just started to pick grass with black 2 snivy because on black i chose tepig.
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3 years ago#78
I've always picked water first. I plan to continue this.
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3 years ago#79
I usually pick Fire but I will choose Gras this Gen.
3 years ago#80
I tend to pick the Grass types as well, but I'm leaning slightly more toward Froakie now mainly because of his "bubble-beard-and-doesn't-afraid-of-anything-ness" in the quick clip of the new anime.

That, and if it becomes a prince in its final evo because I would have so called that s***.
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