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will the pokemon be the chip bag or the actual chips scattered about

#11AlI_About_The_UPosted 7/30/2013 6:53:55 PM
From: Great_Reapette | #007
I found a leaked picture! :o

Hoping it evolves with cheddar.
#12Great_ReapettePosted 7/30/2013 8:39:26 PM

Okay, so, apparently it's called Derunch (from deranged+crunch+derp). It will have multiple formes, each one's typing changing corresponding to its flavour. For example, French Onion forme will be Grass/Flying.
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#13javel34Posted 7/30/2013 9:15:16 PM
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I wonder if it'll come in different flavors :O

The new Eevee or Rotom: The Type/Type Combo varies with the flavor.

That would actually make it a pretty cool pokemon IMO.

in all seriousness though, this is a nice idea

Lol I doubt it. But I mean they pulled off ice cream in a cool way, so maybe, just maybe, but I think it's going to be hard to make it look cool.
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