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Any Dance Moves Ideas?

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User Info: TherianReturns

3 years ago#11
Ballet dance - FIGHTING - raises attack, defense and speed
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User Info: CalciferJenkins

3 years ago#12
Safety Dance - would probably cause confusion.
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User Info: fedartz

3 years ago#13
BadDecisions posted...
Goddamn. Way to make a fool of me.

Now you understand how I feel?

Cha Cha Dance

-Bruce Lee Ultimate moves, user tap its feet, raises speed and evasiveness by two fold
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User Info: anapple77

3 years ago#14
I'm glad they finally got rid of the tappers

User Info: InhaledCorn

3 years ago#15
Mystic Dance which raises Sp. Atk and Speed. It'll be more widely spread than Quiver Dance at the cost of being weaker.
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