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What makes you decide your team?

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User Info: wheeling_gamer

3 years ago#31
I have a lot of rules for what goes on my teams:

-No shared types
-no shared weaknesses (preferably, if there is a shared weakness, I must have a counter to it)
-one legendary per team, and preferably none at all
-Surf and Fly must be available to the main party all times
-all Pokémon or leveled evenly with a rotation system
-if I find a shiny, it must be used
-no EV/IV, nature, resetting, unless it is a special run
-if possible, the main team must be able to learn all HMs
-all Pokémon must reach their final evolution, unless there is something the less evolved forms have that the finals do not (e.g. cases like Dragonair, Porygon 2)
-if there is a Pokémon I encounter late, but want to have on my team, I must use another file to trade an egg of that Pokémon
-if I am debating which Pokémon to use between two different species, the one with better stats or move sets will win
-the starter almost always be boxed
You know you read too much when you dream about flying books.
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