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So What's expected for a next reveal?

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3 years ago#11
-Orotto official name
-Hype about the inevitable bike's return (in English also).
-Recaps in other ways
Followed by:
-Pre-order bonuses revealed and confirmed
-Gamefreak once again going over how they are working on backwards compatibility features
-The Pokémon company doing more promotions for the Anime and trading card game w/ X & Y as a front
-Beta test of the PGL for X/Y for those whom competed in the Global Showdown
-Finishing fifth generation promotions for the DW on the PGL
-Shiny Origins (fourth generation) Legendaries event reminders
-The other regional websites getting the updates (for the most part) that the Japanese official site got
-Possible bundles being released in non-Japanese territories
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3 years ago#12
yoshirulezz posted...
August 12 sooo like 13 days

My heart is pounding hard ^_^ doki doki suru

Oreno5267 posted...
dont corocoro leaks on 12th?

The True Honedge Blacksmith of Pokemon XY Board
3 years ago#13
Well, that's 12 (now just under) days (less since it's already August 1st, 11:31 a.m. in Japan).
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