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So, they ran out of ideas for animal Pokemon, time for food and object Pokemon!

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2 years ago#41
More creative then taking a pokeball and putting eyes on it or dropping a purple duke and putting eyes on it.
I am Swirlix slayer of the dreaded dragons.
2 years ago#42
OP can't remember what the original 151 looked like.
I love Nowi!!!
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2 years ago#43
Mephsuit posted...
Honestly I really do want an evil (dark type) Jack in the Box Pokemon

jack in the box
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2 years ago#44
You seem to have confused "jack in the box" with "highlighter fluorescent Daft Punk ape".
"Mephsuit, as he so often is, is right." - Token sane 261 member Saber_Tiger a.k.a. SST
2 years ago#45
Name: Spuduno (spud + uno)
Species: Single Chip Pokémon
Type: Grass
Ability 1: Weak Armor
Ability 2: Mold Breaker
Hidden Ability: Battle Armor
Level-up moves:
Lv. 1: Mega Drain
Lv. 1: Scratch
Lv. 1: Harden
Lv. 6: Sweet Scent
Lv. 13: Razor Leaf
Lv. 17: Razor Shell
Lv. 22: Rapid Spin
Lv. 26: Slash
Lv. 31: Shell Smash
Lv. 38: Night Slash
Lv. 43: Giga Drain
Lv. 49: Leaf Blade

Name: Swarmchip (swarm + potato chip)
Species: Chip Bag Pokémon
Evolves from: Spuduno (Leaf Stone)
Type: Grass/Steel
Ability 1: Weak Armor
Ability 2: Mold Breaker
Hidden Ability: Light Metal
Level-up moves:
Lv. 1: Mega Drain
Lv. 1: Barrage
Lv. 1: Iron Defense
Lv. 1: Flash Cannon
Lv. 6: Sweet Scent
Lv. 13: Razor Leaf
Lv. 17: Razor Shell
Lv. 22: Gyro Ball
Lv. 26: Selfdestruct
Lv. 31: Mirror Coat
Lv. 38: Night Daze
Lv. 43: Giga Drain
Lv. 49: Flash Cannon

Name: Souperior (soup + superior)
Species: Chicken Noodle Pokémon
Type: Water/Fire
Ability 1: Healer
Ability 2: Magma Armor
Hidden Ability: White Smoke
Level-up moves:
Lv. 1: Whirlpool
Lv. 1: Fire Spin
Lv. 6: SmokeScreen
Lv. 12: Stockpile
Lv. 15: Kinesis
Lv. 20: Swallow
Lv. 26: Lava Plume
Lv. 32: Scald
Lv. 39: Spit Up
Lv. 44: Aromatherapy
Lv. 50: Fire Blast
Lv. 56: Hydro Pump

Name: Shellnut (shell + peanut)
Species: Peanut Pokémon
Type: Grass
Ability 1: Shell Armor
Ability 2: Weak Armor
Hidden Ability: Chlorophyll
Level-up moves:
Lv. 1: Tackle
Lv. 1: Harden
Lv. 6: Bullet Seed
Lv. 11: Leech Seed
Lv. 15: Rollout
Lv. 20: Iron Defense
Lv. 26: Take Down
Lv. 33: Gyro Ball
Lv. 38: Steamroller
Lv. 42: Shell Smash
Lv. 49: Seed Bomb

Name: Nutglob (peanut + glob)
Species: Peanut Butter Pokémon
Evolves from: Shellnut (Level up w/Iron Ball)
Type: Grass/Dark
Ability 1: Sticky Hold
Ability 2: Limber
Hidden Ability: Liquid Ooze
Level-up moves:
Lv. 1: Pound
Lv. 1: Sludge
Lv. 6: Mega Drain
Lv. 11: Leech Seed
Lv. 15: Faint Attack
Lv. 20: Acid Armor
Lv. 26: Sludge Bomb
Lv. 33: Dark Pulse
Lv. 38: Sludge Wave
Lv. 42: Curse
Lv. 49: Giga Drain
2 years ago#46
Name: Burnbread (burn + bread)
Species: Burnt Toast Pokémon
Type: Poison/Fire
Ability 1: Weak Armor
Ability 2: Stench
Hidden Ability: Rough Skin
Level-up moves:
Lv. 1: Scratch
Lv. 1: Sharpen
Lv. 5: Poison Gas
Lv. 8: Flame Charge
Lv. 12: Poison Sting
Lv. 17: SmokeScreen
Lv. 23: Razor Shell
Lv. 28: Flame Wheel
Lv. 35: Poison Jab
Lv. 42: Night Slash
Lv. 50: Haze
Lv. 57: Flare Blitz
Lv. 62: Gunk Shot
2 years ago#47
Davimus518 posted...

Cake Pokemon?

The cake is a lie. And if they make an ice cream cake one, they can make it ice and something else type.
2 years ago#48
Oh, almost forgot- I once made specifications for an alternate evolution of Vanillish:
Vanilludge, the Hot & Cold Pokémon. Fire/Ice. Evolves from a Vanillish that is holding a Chocolate Bar (new item I made up; basically the same as a Super Potion or Fresh Water, just in the form of a candy bar) when a Fire Stone is used on it. Its base stats are as follows;

HP: 71
Attack: 95
Defense: 85
Sp. Atk: 95
Sp. Def: 79
Speed: 110

Ability 1: Flame Body
Hidden Ability: Weak Armor

And its level-up movepool;

Lv. 1: Fudge Burn*
Lv. 1: Weather Ball
Lv. 1: Icicle Spear
Lv. 1: Harden
Lv. 1: Astonish
Lv. 1: Uproar
Lv. 4: Harden
Lv. 7: Astonish
Lv. 10: Uproar
Lv. 13: Icy Wind
Lv. 16: Sweet Scent
Lv. 19: Avalanche
Lv. 22: Torment
Lv. 26: Dark Pulse
Lv. 31: Nasty Plot
Lv. 36: Ice Beam
Lv. 42: Will-O-Wisp
Lv. 50: Counter
Lv. 59: Blizzard
Lv. 67: Sheer Cold

*Exclusive move for Vanilludge. Same base power, PP, range, and side effects as Lava Plume, but the chance of causing a burn is now 60% as opposed to 30%.

Dex entries:
1: Thoroughly cunning and crafty. It shoots down its prey with scalding blasts of chocolate fudge.
2: Though difficult to accomplish, a tamed Vanilludge will happily provide delicious hot fudge for anyone it considers an ally.

Lastly, TMs and HMs that it can learn that Vanillish cannot:
Sunny Day
Hyper Beam
Shadow Ball
Sludge Wave
Sludge Bomb
Fire Blast
Flame Charge
Giga Impact
2 years ago#49
thefinaloracle posted...
"So, they ran out of ideas for animal Pokemon, time for food and object Pokemon!"

Dear lord, are we going to get an endless amount of these complaining topics?

You know what's funny? I'm pretty sure Gen 1 had the highest concentration of inanimate Pokemon of all the Gens.
2 years ago#50
How about a Godzilla pokemon?
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