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So, they ran out of ideas for animal Pokemon, time for food and object Pokemon!

#51ninji_Posted 8/4/2013 2:26:14 AM
NewMoonShadow posted...
thefinaloracle posted...
"So, they ran out of ideas for animal Pokemon, time for food and object Pokemon!"

Dear lord, are we going to get an endless amount of these complaining topics?

You know what's funny? I'm pretty sure Gen 1 had the highest concentration of inanimate Pokemon of all the Gens.

At least those pokemon up until they started making trash bag pokemon and ice cream cones for pokemon were somewhat inspired and funny. Now its just sad.

When I envision monsters I don't envision something I can put in a microwave and munch on, or take out of my fridge and eat, lol. Not very Monsterish. I imagine Fire/ice breathing lizards, Giant birds, horrible ghosts and yes even ones that possess objects.

People saying Voltorb is a joke, its a mechanical pokemon, powered by electricity.
People saying Magnemite is a joke, again its a Mechanical pokemon.
People saying Exeggcute is dumb, not my fav but it is psychic.
People saying Muk, it is basically a slime pokemon. So, again. I see no problem.
People Saying Mareep and its evos, its pocket MONSTERS, so invalid complaints.

Again, it is vaild to hate on the food pokemon because they are utter JOKES. Vanillite, meet Flamethrower! Trubbish, Meet the friendly neighborhood garbageman!
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