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ITT - Your favorite episode from the anime? One you distinctly remember most?

#41p00platysPosted 8/3/2013 10:07:55 AM
I haven't watched the anime in 6 years, so the only one I can recall well enough is the first episode where they get chased by the flock of Spearow. Good times.
#42MagmastaPosted 8/3/2013 10:26:21 AM
I tend to recall the episode where Ash battles Blaine outside the volcano, it's what got me into liking Magmar as my favourite Pokemon.

I also really thought that battle between Drake in the final orange islands episode was an intense battle at the time so I remember it greatly.

Nowadays, if I watch the anime and they over use the smoke scene, I think back to that episode, because back then the smoke scene actually seemed cool.

So yea the one with Drake is probably the one I remember the most.
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#43pancakeboyPosted 8/3/2013 11:31:05 AM
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#44SPDShadowRangerPosted 8/3/2013 11:35:15 AM
A Chansey Operation
#45DantheSagePosted 8/3/2013 11:48:11 AM
Battle Aboard the St. Anne. I remember it the most because it was the first episode I ever watched.
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