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A simple and brief poll. Have YOU ever caught or encountered a shiny Pokemon?

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2 years ago#61
My memory's not so great but as far I recall, multiple times in Silver and LeafGreen, and I think once in a Pearl file. Haven't seen one in a very, very long time.
2 years ago#62
Back in Crystal, I managed to hatch a shiny Eevee. But, since I had the rest of the Eevee family of the time, I kept it as a pretty, gray one. Though, I did contemplate making it an Umbreon with those spiff blue rings.

I also caught a Shiny Rattata while I was trying to hunt down Suicune. I almost ran from it too, XD
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2 years ago#63
Two hours into my first Pokemon game, Emerald, I caught a shiny Zigzagoon. I had some idea that they were rare but I didn't realize how much so. I didn't catch another shiny Pokemon in Emerald until long after beating the game, when I was catching a bunch of random low level Pokemon to trade with Pokemon XD. I caught a shiny Poochyena.

The only other shiny Pokemon I've caught (not counting the red Gyarados) were also at the end part of the game: a Spearow in Leaf Green and a Gastrodon in Diamond. I was on my way to Pal Park when I found the Gastrodon.
2 years ago#64
Yes, in Platinum I encountered a shiny Onix and caught him. That's the only one I've seen out in the wild.
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2 years ago#65
I think I caught a green Beedrill in Gold once. What I'd give to have that game back...
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2 years ago#66
Yes. My first shiny was a Golbat caught at Victory Road in Emerald. I also caught a Geodude at Mt. Moon in LG, a Magnemite in Diamond at the Fuego Ironworks after a short Poke Radar attempt, and a Metapod at the Bug Catching Contest in Soul Silver.
2 years ago#67
never have, been playing from gold to diamond, not a single one through several playthroughs and hours of training.
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2 years ago#68
Shiny Geodude in Fire Red.
2 years ago#69
Only once. A shiny Tentacool in SS. I caught that motherf***er.
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2 years ago#70
O yes, and I love it when I get a shiny!! Let's see...current B/W shines are Emolga, Audino, Joltik, Zorua and Leavanny. Ones I've imported from previous games are Mightyena, Houndoom, Grumpig, Shedinja , Ninjask, and Weavile. Right now I'm trying my hardest to fill up the National PokeDex in White 2 so I can get the shiny charm which makes it easier to find shinies.
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