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A simple and brief poll. Have YOU ever caught or encountered a shiny Pokemon?

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User Info: GoldenSWarriors

3 years ago#91
caught a shiny diglett in fire red, and hatched a shiny gible in diamond
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User Info: X_Ayumi_X

3 years ago#92
Yes. 1st one that I can say was added to my list after Gen II is a Seel from Sea Form Islands on the japanese Fire Red.
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User Info: eponastar

3 years ago#93
rpgguy999 posted...
It's probably easier to find a gold bar on the street than finding a shiny pokemon.

I have had my pokes catch pokerus three or four times now, but not one single shiny.
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User Info: Galcian

3 years ago#94
Red Gyarados

User Info: occono

3 years ago#95

User Info: rocknroller365

3 years ago#96
*takes out pipe and rocks back and forth in rocking chair*
Ah yes, I remember the day I encountered my first (and to this date, my only) non-fixed Shiny.

I was roaming in the exotic land of Sinnoh. I had stopped in Pastoria and decided to explore it's famous Great Marsh. And it is there that I met him. The <s>white whale</s> purple Quagsire.

Words cannot accurately describe my excitement upon encountering this creature. Filled with enthusiasm, I lobbed my Pokeball. The Quagsire broke free and, alas, it fled. I have hoped to stumble upon one again, even after all these years, but it would seem that Quagsire took all my hopes of catching a shiny with it when it fled.
*hangs head in shame, pipe drooping out of mouth*

But yeah. Saw one in either Diamond or Platinum, it ran off, and I haven't encountered a non-fixed Shiny since.

User Info: narutogeek101

3 years ago#97
Other than the red Gyarados, I've seen a shiny Oddish in Crystal, but couldn't catch it; I was either out of Pokeballs or storage was full, I forget which. I also found a shiny Golbat in Soul Silver, which I did catch (Crobat being my favorite Pokemon and all).

User Info: cloud2556

3 years ago#98
A shiny golbat
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User Info: MaxR_P_G

3 years ago#99
It was the original Silver version, I encountered and caught either an Oddish or a Gloom (this was a long time ago). When I evolved it into a Bellossom, I noticed that its coloration was not what I expected from the evolutionary charts in the strategy guide, there was also a sparkle icon next to its name.

User Info: TMoney650

3 years ago#100
Caught a shiny golbat in emerald.

I was like 9 so I didn't know anything about shinies, I just noticed that it was the wrong color. Nothing says ”it's your lucky day” like a brown golbat
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  3. A simple and brief poll. Have YOU ever caught or encountered a shiny Pokemon?

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