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You're walking down the street and get killed by this pokemon

#1yoshirulezzPosted 8/7/2013 12:47:12 AM
Well, you should know what the link is already.
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#2pkmewtwoPosted 8/7/2013 12:51:47 AM
Sandslash...Quick and painful, damn
#3jamieyelloPosted 8/7/2013 12:53:22 AM

Wobbuffet. It killed me.
#4Dathedr-vodhrPosted 8/7/2013 1:16:31 AM
jamieyello posted...

Wobbuffet. It killed me.

Out of all pokemon!

mine was a dragonair. i was probably wrapped to death.
#5LadyYachiruPosted 8/7/2013 1:21:31 AM
Vita teneat nisi miseriam.
#6ventus_windPosted 8/7/2013 1:21:40 AM
Zekrom electrocution.... alright :)
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#7EternalTheFoxPosted 8/7/2013 1:42:14 AM
Welp. I got Conkledurr. My life was ended quite painfully.
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#8JDavidCPosted 8/7/2013 1:49:46 AM
Grimer? REALLY? *pops antidote and Falcon Punches the Grimer*
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#9Wout4442Posted 8/7/2013 2:14:12 AM
Beautifly.......I get poisoned.....I guess.......
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#10trinityEDGEPosted 8/7/2013 3:15:41 AM

... I'm pretty sure this is one of the most painful Pokemon deaths -- getting squeezed slowly and dying between those gears.