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Pokemon Random Wifi Battles!

#11uuurrrgghPosted 8/7/2013 4:52:26 PM
All-ice posted...
pokemon2poker posted...
Sounds like TC doesn't like Amoongus too much.

No, I don't. It was just a very cheap strategy.

I don't like how I stay in for the lost, but others won't.

Gamefreak or Nintendo should give an hour ban to whoever quits and the other person a win.

To be fair, every pokemon with spore has terrible speed, meaning you should be able to pull off one or two attacks every time you wake up, unless the person's just spamming spore, in which he's getting nothing done.

And knowing my battles with Breloom, you should be waking up a lot of times. Like, 1-turn wake-ups.
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