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Who is your favorite Normal type?

#1yoshirulezzPosted 8/12/2013 5:49:51 PM
I want this topic to get 100+ posts so share who your favorite normal type is. Please leave out Arceus if you can.
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#2Firelion6593Posted 8/12/2013 5:50:21 PM
Litleo. For obvious reasons.
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#3SalsaSavantPosted 8/12/2013 5:50:37 PM
yoshirulezz posted...
Please leave out Arceus if you can.


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#4wurmtokenPosted 8/12/2013 5:51:30 PM
#5GolurkcanflyPosted 8/12/2013 5:52:15 PM
Was, is, and most likely will be is Kangaskhan for Pure Normal and Braviary for dual-type.
#6Missingno_MastrPosted 8/12/2013 5:52:31 PM
wurmtoken posted...

#7P0k3m0nWaRR10R8Posted 8/12/2013 5:52:54 PM
I've always loved Teddiursa/Ursaring
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#8Brooks3000Posted 8/12/2013 5:54:22 PM
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#9TaiphlosionPosted 8/12/2013 5:54:27 PM
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#10PalomBMPosted 8/12/2013 5:54:54 PM
Snorlax... then Cinccino happened.
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