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Your reaction: Attract/ Cute Charm works Male to Male.

#11framewreckPosted 8/13/2013 6:24:56 PM
That's how it's supposed to work. It's not a big deal as some people are making it.
#12KaizukezuPosted 8/13/2013 6:27:49 PM
My reaction: Wasn't a topic like this made months ago?

Clearly TC is asking for an argument to ensue, because I'm pretty sure that's what happened with the last one of these I saw.
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#13RDS1Posted 8/13/2013 6:35:08 PM
What? No genderless?
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#14Emerald_FlashPosted 8/13/2013 6:39:48 PM
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#15bobstevens23123Posted 8/13/2013 6:45:44 PM
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#162vNiEp1Posted 8/13/2013 6:46:26 PM
If it happens? I don't care...
If it doesn't happen? I don't care..
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#17scraadinPosted 8/13/2013 6:49:03 PM
It would be FABULOUS!!!
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#18ryudin89Posted 8/13/2013 6:50:06 PM
PkmTrainerAbram posted...
Obviously this is a topic asking for flame bait and not as dedicated to the battle mechanics as you tried to twist it to be.

As for the topic, no, I wouldn't care much at all.


bobstevens23123 posted...
On topic though, I would never play Pokemon games again. In addition, I would post a link on this board with Riley from the boondocks saying "niga u gay"

Even if you're joking why would you take the bait?
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#19redFOX381Posted 8/17/2013 6:13:56 PM
"dat makes sense" if involves male Sylveon/Lopunny/Espeon/Ninetales/Gardevoir/etc.
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#20uuurrrgghPosted 8/17/2013 6:14:28 PM
I would grab a bag of popcorn.
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