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They should really make a Pokemon box 3ds app

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User Info: _____Cait

3 years ago#1
To make adding between gen 5 and 6 easier.

Just connect to the app, put your Pokemon in it, and upload them to xy.

Better than finding a second 3ds :/

User Info: DweezleMoonunit

3 years ago#2
They said they were working on pretty much this at E3
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User Info: ZTIger5

3 years ago#3
Hopefully this is pretty much what they're doing. Just transferring them with the Global Link as a medium to change the file type would be so much easier. It's probably too late for a 3DS Store app, since the games are already programmed to operate with specific programs (namely Dream Radar).
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User Info: sonOFestark

3 years ago#4
I wish there already were one. I had to give up making a living dex because I couldn't afford the space.
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User Info: blackshoelace

3 years ago#5
You can easily find a second 3DS. Even if you did, you wouldn't be able to transfer gen 5 to 6 anyway because DS and 3DS cartridges can't communicate with each other.
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