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Favorite E4 member of each gen?

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3 years ago#11
Uhh... I guess Flint. This is like the battle of the least lame.
Marshal. He has no competition.
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3 years ago#12
Kanto: Lorelei - The only E4 member to provide a challenge on my first Blue playthrough. I also like the extended stuff she got in FRLG.
Johto: Karen - This was the most difficult choice simply because I don't have a particular opinion on any of them. Karen scores points simply because I like her attitude.
Hoenn: Drake - Cool old guy, expanded on in the anime too. Not much to say about any of Hoenn's E4 though.
Sinnoh: Flint - I like Lucian too, but I tend to dislike the Psychic E4's because I never have a type counter to them, so Flint wins because, like Lorelei, he actually does something outside the E4 and his rocking 'fro.
Unova: Grimsley - Beats out Shauntal simply because Shauntal was such a pushover. I like the whole "classy, but poor noble guy" schtick and I WANT THAT SCARF!
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3 years ago#13
Gen 1: Lance (yeah, the first in a long line of Dragon Masters)

Gen 2: Will (dat mask)

Gen 3: Phoebe (I think she has a cute look, though it doesn't make sense since she's supposed to be from a mountainy-area, I think)

Gen 4: Aaron (Bug Elite 4 member FTW!)

Gen 5: Shauntal (I like her design)
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3 years ago#14
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3 years ago#15
3 years ago#16
3 years ago#17
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3 years ago#18
Lorelei, Karen, Not Played Hoenn, Uh, they're all lame, Grimsley
3 years ago#19
Gen 1: Lance. He's cool, Became a champion a gen later, Specializes in my favorite type.
Gen 2: Koga. Even if he specializes in my least favorite type, he's still a bada**.
Gen 3: I never played through gen 3 all the way.
Gen 4: Lucian. She proved the most fair challenge (I said "Fair" challenge, because aaron was F***ing annoying).
Gen 5: Caitlin.
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3 years ago#20
Gen I: Agatha (then Lorelei, then Bruno, then Lance)
Gen II: Bruno (then Will, then Karen, then Koga)
Gen III: Phoebe (then Glacia, then Sidney, then Drake)
Gen IV: ... I guess Lucian (then Bertha, then Aaron, then Flint)
Gen V: Shauntal (then Caitlin, then Grimsley, then Marshall)
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