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Gamefaqs Favorite Generation 1 Pokemon, Round 3 Battle 23: Omanyte vs Golduck

#1Samp98518Posted 8/15/2013 8:28:57 AM(edited)
Omanyte or Golduck? - Results (17 votes)
58.82% (10 votes)
41.18% (7 votes)
This poll is now closed.

Yesterday's Results:
Jolteon 52, Growlithe 61
Raichu 37, Jigglypuff 42

Other Match: Mew vs Dewgong ( )

Tomorrow's Matches: Venusaur vs Poliwrath, Kingler vs Gengar

They're both alright, but I never cared that much for either of them. I'll go with Golduck, since he's pretty cool looking.
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