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List Mega Pokemon You Want

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User Info: Accrovideogames

3 years ago#1
Mega Venusaur: Grass/Poison - Chlorophyll (Venusaurium)
Mega Charizard: Fire/Dragon - Levitate (Charizardium)
Mega Blastoise: Water/Steel - Rain Dish (Blastoisium)
Mega Raichu: Electric/Fairy - Lightningrod (Raichunite)
Mega Nidoqueen: Poison/Ground - Sheer Force (Nidoqueenite)
Mega Nidoking: Poison Ground - Sheer Force (Nidokingnite)
Mega Arcanine: Fire - Justified (Arcanite)
Mega Alakazam: Psychic - Magic Guard (Alakazanite)
Mega Machamp: Fighting - No Guard (Machampium)
Mega Gengar: Ghost/Poison - Levitate (Gengarnite)
Mega Pinsir: Bug/Steel - Moxie (Pinsirnite)
Mega Gyarados: Water/Dragon - Levitate (Gyaradosium)
Mega Lapras: Water/Ice - Shell Armor (Laprasium)
Mega Snorlax: Normal - Early Bird (Snorlaxium)
Mega Dragonite: Dragon/Flying - Multiscale (Dragonitium)
Mega Meganium: Grass/Dragon - Leaf Guard (Meganiumite)
Mega Typhlosion: Fire - Flame Body (Typlosionite)
Mega Feraligator: Water - Sheer Force (Feraligatornite)
Mega Azumarill: Water/Fairy - Huge Power (Azumarillite)
Mega Girafarig: Psychic/Dark - Intimidate (Girafarignite)
Mega Steelix: Steel/Ground - Sheer Force (Steelixium)
Mega Octillery: Water/Steel - Moody (Octillerynite)
Mega Mantine: Water/Flying - Rain Dish (Mantinite)
Mega Skarmory: Steel/Flying - Speed Boost (Skarmorynite)
Mega Houndoum: Dark/Fire - Intimidate (Houndoomium)
Mega Tyranitar: Rock/Dark - Sandstorm (Tyranitarium)
Mega Sceptile: Grass - Chlorophyll (Sceptilite)
Mega Swampert: Water/Ground - Water Absorb (Swampertium)
Mega Gardevoir: Psychic/Fairy - Telepathy (Gardevoirium)
Mega Slaking: Normal - Vital Spirit (Slakingnite)
Mega Sableye: Dark/Ghost - Sheer Force (Sableyium)
Mega Aggron: Steel/Rock - Heavy Metal (Aggronite)
Mega Zangoose: Normal/Electric - Toxic Boost (Zangoosium)
Mega Seviper: Poison/Fire - Inflitrator (Sevipernite)
Mega Milotic: Water/Dragon - Cute Charm (Miloticite)
Mega Tropius: Grass/Flying - Solar Power (Tropiusnite)
Mega Salamence: Dragon/Flying - Moxie (Salamencium)
Mega Metagross: Steel/Psychic - Clear Body (Metagrossium)
Mega Torterra: Grass/Ground - Shell Armor (Torterranite)
Mega Infernape: Fire/Fighting - Iron Fist (Infernapium)
Mega Empoleon: Water/Steel - Defiant (Empoleonite)
Mega Luxray: Electric/Dark - Anger Point (Luxraynite)
Mega Spiritomb: Ghost/Dark - Inflitrator (Spiritombnite)
Mega Garchomp: Dragon/Ground - Rough Skin (Garchompnite)
Mega Gallade: Psychic/Fighting - Justified (Galladenite)
Mega Serperior: Grass - Contrary (Serperiornite)
Mega Emboar: Fire/Fighting - Reckless (Emboarium)
Mega Samurott: Water - Shell Armor (Samurottium)
Mega Basculin: Water - Adaptability (Basculinite)
Mega Zoroark: Dark - Illusion (Zoroarknite)
Mega Haxorus: Dragon - Mold Breaker (Haxorusium)
Mega Druddigon: Dragon - Sheer Force (Druddigonite)
Mega Hydreigon: Dark/Dragon - Levitate (Hydreigonite)
Mega Volcarona: Bug/Fire - Swarm (Volcaronanite)
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User Info: GameNinjaGuy

3 years ago#2
Was not expecting that many. Jeez.
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User Info: Captain_Fetish

3 years ago#3
Mega Gardevoir

Now with feet.
Fetish Kick!

User Info: animesonicx

3 years ago#4
MegaMegaMegaMeganium (MegaMeganite)

MegaDragonite (Dragonitenite)
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User Info: invaderofdark

3 years ago#5
I love Pizza.
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User Info: animesonicx

3 years ago#6
invaderofdark posted...
I love Pizza.

I like sushi
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User Info: StevenDrkPrince

3 years ago#7
animesonicx posted...
MegaMegaMegaMeganium (MegaMeganite)

MegaDragonite (Dragonitenite)

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User Info: RotomGuy3

3 years ago#8
Wow. That's a lot.

Anyway, for me it's:

MegaRotom - Electric/Ghost - Mega Appliance

It gets the special MegaStone because its an unusual Pokemon.

MegaChandelure - Fire/Ghost - Soul Flame
MegaGolurk - Ground/Ghost - Statue Slot
MegaSigilyph - Psychic/Dark - Arcane Tablet

User Info: Luigi player

Luigi player
3 years ago#9
aaand another one of these topics. I should save my list somewhere so I don't have to remember everything all the time...

MegaArcheops (Rock/Dragon - Levitate)
MegaDruddigon (Dragon/Rock - more Atk/Def)
MegaYanmega (Bug/Dragon)
MegaSerperior (Grass/Dragon)
MegaTorterra (that looks even more like an Ankylosaurus; has higher Atk and Def)
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User Info: EtherPhoenix

3 years ago#10
Mega Breloom: Grass/Fighting - Huge Power
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