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List Mega Pokemon You Want

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3 years ago#41
Mega Sandslash!!!
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3 years ago#42

These next few need an evolution whether its normal or mega
3 years ago#43
Mega Hitmonchan
Mega Hitmonlee
Mega Hitmontop (Only to keep the Hitmon's equal. I'd personally just give one to Chan, but that wouldn't be fair to Lee and Top, so I suggest that all 3 get a Mega evo.)

Mega Kingdra (Making the most awesome Dragon ever even better than it usually is.)

Mega Farfetch'd (I'd actually prefer a straight-up evolution for Farfetch'd, but I think a Mega evo is more likely.)

Mega Swellow

Those are the only ones I want that haven't already been confirmed. Please Game Freak? Please?
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3 years ago#44

Bowser is a Tarasque and Magmar is a legend
3 years ago#45
Pretty any pokemon that technically doesn't have a evolution yet
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3 years ago#46
3 years ago#47
kraznk1d posted...
"ite" or "cite" "lite" suffuxes only. "ium" sounds stupid and makes no sense.

You must fail hardcore in science class. The suffix (learn to spell it correctly) -ium forms names of metallic elements, for example cadmium, magnesium, lithium and selenium. By the way, the -cite and -lite suffixes don't exist, it's just -ite.
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3 years ago#48
Mega Weezing (Poison/Dark; Levitate; Weezingnite)
Mega Dunsparce (Dragon/Fairy; Serene Grace; Dunsparcenite)
Mega Qwilfish (Water/Poison; Speed Boost; Qwilfishnite)
3 years ago#49
Mega Dunsparce shall reign terror on the Kalos region. The lord of the skies and underworld. It shall soar thousands of miles in the air. destroying Rayquaza on the way, it shall also burrow to the depths of the earth, and eat Groudons on the way. It shall be Dragon/ground. No one is safe from the almighty Mega Dunsparce. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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