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Which starter are you going to get?

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2 years ago#41
I'm using Fennekin, along with Torchic. I think I'm just gonna have an all fire team to combat team Flare with. Y'know, fight fire with fire.
2 years ago#42
Fennekin and Torchic. Also planning on using Fletchling, so Fire Frenzeh! If there's more fire types with good secondary typings, then I might use them too.
2 years ago#43
Chespin, I always pick the grass starter first.
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2 years ago#44
At the moment, Fennekin. But that might change once I say the full evolutions. Especially if Fennekin (unlikely) turns out to become Fire/Fighting (cue rampaging fans). If Fennekin turns out a disappointment then Chespin. Froakie has potential but he looks a little too goofy for my taste at the moment.
2 years ago#45
Infernus93 posted...
Edgemaster70000 posted...

I didn't insult anyone, I stated my opinion. You, on the other hand....

*EDIT* Also, what the hell else would people currently be picking their starter for if it's not because of looks? The types? Probably not. The movesets? How would they? How easy their choice would make the game? How would they know?

It's based on looks. That's why it's a bit stupid IN MY OPINION that people are picking before they see what they'll be stuck with for the entire game after level 36 or so.

I'm with you on this, and I think it's kind of amusing how some people are getting riled up over what you said.

Well said; well handled.

For what its worth (nothing), I agree.

On topic, I'm leaning towards froakie since I usually go water but something about chespin is endearing.
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2 years ago#46
Froakie and Torchic.
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2 years ago#47
Froakie. Mainly to continue a pattern I've recently noticed...

1st Gen: First run used Charmander
2nd Gen: First run used Chikorita
3rd Gen: First run used Mudkip
4th Gen: First run used Chimchar
5th Gen: First run used Snivy
6th Gen: If I follow the above, the Water Starter should be my pick. So Froakie.
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2 years ago#48
Fennekin in X, then either Froakie or Chespin in Y, haven't decided yet.

I'll probably use the Torchic in Y alongside my starter though
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2 years ago#49
Fennekin and Torchic. Fletchling will probably be my bird on the first playthrough. Wow, that is more fire than I am used to playing with (usually it is just the starter).

My first run has always been with the fire type. Maybe, if one of the others ends up being faster (without losing a lot in regard to offensive power) in their final form, I will bail early and use it (and Torchic).
2 years ago#50
Hard as it may be To choose I'll be going fennekin, it may be redundant with Torchic and fletchling but unless it's evolutions turn out to look or play awful I can't say no to that face.
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