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Favorite Female MC

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2 years ago#31
ShadowMaster684 posted...
Well, the one I voted for is in dead last.

To be fair, the fact that those were my favorite of the games weighed in somewhat.

Lyra? She's my second favorite, if it weren't for Hilda, my vote would have gone to her.
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2 years ago#32
Hilda, but Serena may surpass her for me in the future.
2 years ago#33
Leaf, though Serena's probably a close second now.
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2 years ago#34
Hilda, and it's not even a little bit close
2 years ago#35
Hilda /Topic

The only Female MC that actually looks matured :D
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2 years ago#36
dawn, just because.
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2 years ago#37
I'm upset that my utter least favorite is running first, but I'll accept it.
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2 years ago#38
Thepenguinking2 posted...
I'm upset that my utter least favorite is running first, but I'll accept it.

Well... Hilda is fairly hot, her name's less bad than Hilbert's, and she (along with Hilbert ) are the first protagonists that were confirmed to be older than the previous characters, which is quite useful for my first point. At least, I seem to recall 5th gen's protagonists being confirmed to be older...

That said, Dawn's still my favorite with May below her. Hilda's at a pretty decent 3rd though :D
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2 years ago#39
sonicfanaticjtb posted...
Hilda is fairly hot

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2 years ago#40
Hilda rocked these other honies. Not that some of them aren't fine, but Hilda's got an ass that won't quit. It's hard to compete.
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