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Favorite Male MC

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2 years ago#11
Brendan. Has the most awesome look.
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2 years ago#12
2 years ago#13
Just came to vote for Hilbert and was rather surprised at how good of a fight he's putting up against Red.
2 years ago#14
Only correct answer is Hilbert.
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2 years ago#15
I like Calem without the hat.
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2 years ago#16
Red. Because with just his ellipsis, he has more personality than the other male protagonists combined.
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2 years ago#17
What, no XD or Colliseum? I dont know their official names (Xd's is Adam, i think?) How do they not get a spot? Mayb XD mc wasnt too special, but... you start colliseum by blowing up a wall and stealing the snag machine!
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2 years ago#18
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2 years ago#19
Hilbert. Red looks kinda dumb and unstylized. Look at him.
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2 years ago#20
Hilbert. It would be Ethan, but Hilbert has the age advantage.
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