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With the Torchic event, Fennekin still worth it?

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User Info: Dracovian

3 years ago#1
I was gonna choose Fennekin for sure but now with the Torchic giveaway I am thinking maybe 2 fire starter pokemon are redundant.

I guess I will wait to see the full evolution before deciding.
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User Info: SalsaSavant

3 years ago#2
I find it likely that all starters are getting Megas, so...

Still, use whichever you like better.
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User Info: LightningHawk90

3 years ago#3
Don't care picking Chespin.
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User Info: BikdipOnABus

3 years ago#4
Yeah, the Torchic event honestly is a little annoying. It's good to have variety, but I'm going to be very tempted to use the Torchic despite my "only use new Pokemon in a new generation" rule. And I can't really save it for a later playthrough, because A) it's an event, and B) I generally don't restart the game anyway.

So yeah, I dunno.
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User Info: pokemon2poker

3 years ago#5
Fennekin wasn't worth it the moment they revealed Litleo.

User Info: kaiser ryu

kaiser ryu
3 years ago#6
This issue happened for me with Black and White. I chose Victini. This time... I'm likely going to stick with Fennekin. Guy's just too adorbs. Plus high likelihood of fire/psychic typing later and those are my two favorite types... IN ONE!
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User Info: LightningAce11

3 years ago#7
I'm getting froakie, so torchic will be a nice addition.
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User Info: Sad_Face

3 years ago#8
Seeing as Fennekin's line is more than likely Fire/Psychic, Fairy types are going to be widespread to conquer dragons, and Fire and Psychic are more than likely both resistant to Fairy, Fennekin is probably going to see a lot of use as a Fairy counter for Dragons.

User Info: Viridipalm_user

3 years ago#9
Or Mystery Gift is only unlockable post-game.
Regardless, Fenne FTW.
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User Info: DarthLaharl

3 years ago#10
Froakie and Torchic!
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  3. With the Torchic event, Fennekin still worth it?

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