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Does anybody here claim to be Masuda relatives?

#11javel34Posted 8/16/2013 11:13:40 PM
fedartz posted...
javel34 posted...
CherryTangerine posted...
My older brother's aunt's son's cousin's father's younger son is Masuda.

That would either make you masuda, or a second cousin. Assuming your older brother shares the same father and mother

What did he said? I'm confused. His older brother is what exactly?

His brother and him should share an aunt so his aunts son is his cousin. So his cousins cousin is either his brother, himself, or another cousin with a younger brother.
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#12person_pitchPosted 8/16/2013 11:15:33 PM
He's a distant cousin of mine. So are all of you :D
#13KyrieIrvingPosted 8/16/2013 11:19:12 PM
Masuda is my granddaughter