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I'm surprised that no one noticed the Shiny Sylveon pic on Serebii

#11SirPiercePosted 8/18/2013 9:03:02 AM
ArabianPenguins posted...
TherianReturns posted...
106 HP@Level30. Either it's EV trained fully in HP, or it's not the 'common' base of 65. Well now

FuneralCake was speculating that it has a base stat for HP of 95 based off of the information in the demo and her calculations.

Well, based on the Fairies we know and the speculated Fairies...HP is a major thing in the Fairy Type.

Base HP is their highest stat in most cases...
Jigglypuff - 115
Marill - 70
Gardevoir - 68 (Not traditional Fairy. Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed surpass it)
Mawile - 50 (All stats basically even except Attack and Defense)

Happiny, Chansey, Blissey - 100, 250, 255
Cleffa, Clefairy, Clefable - 50, 70, 95 (Cleffa's Special Defense surpasses its HP)

So, HP seems to be a big thing for Fairy Types just like how Special Attack is big for Psychic and Ghost Types or how Attack is big for Fighting or Defense for Rock and Steel, etc.
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#12WallydraiglePosted 8/18/2013 9:44:49 AM
I'm surprised there are people who still don't know that by the time they find something on the internet it's already old news.
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