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who plays pokemon reborn?

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User Info: zero67501

3 years ago#1
its pretty intresting and hard

User Info: Roobitysu

3 years ago#2
You know what else is interesting and hard?

I'll let you think about it. I draw lolis :D

User Info: Leebeenite

3 years ago#3
And just think, this site is full of people like the guy above me.

This site has a bad rep already and posters like him isn't helping and yes I do play Pokemon Reborn too TC. I just started.

User Info: zero67501

3 years ago#4
I just got my first badge its a ok game kill time til x and y come out i saw a vid on u tube made me want to play lol.

User Info: keybladesrus

3 years ago#5
Never heard of it before this. Just googled and it seems interesting. I'll try it out tomorrow.
"My favorite color of poop is seven." - Seanbaby,
The Official Nox of the Kingdom Hearts 3 Board

User Info: Nightstar1994

3 years ago#6

That guy with that Hades from Saint Seiya?
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