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I hope we actually have a Game Corner this gen.

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3 years ago#11
Roobitysu posted...
I'd much rather not. I didn't much miss the Game Corner in Gen V.

NessEggman posted...
A minigame that consists of "Wait for the RNG to give you stuff" and nothing more is not really fun to me. Especially when it's required to gain exclusive-to-the-boring-minigame items or Pokémon...

sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.
3 years ago#12
I'd rather have something like poker or blackjack.
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3 years ago#13
The Game Corner is awful

I don't think anyone missed it in Gen V
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3 years ago#14
The only reason I'd ever want the Game Corner back is because it always has some sweet music playing in it.

Its a nuisance otherwise.
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3 years ago#15
Maybe if they had the bingo game from dragon quest 8 since it actually had good odds for a payout. That was the problem people had with the slots, they barely paid out for the odds of winning.
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3 years ago#16
game corner is basically: buy all the coins so you can buy stuff.

you always lose more than you win. and if youre lucky to win something it takes forever to win again (and its more likely to lose all the winnings before winning anything again - at least it was like that for me, ALWAYS).

even if you win a little over time it's not worth the damn time. buying coins is much easier, less frustrating and faster.

the game corner is pretty useless. except for its music, but they can use the music somewhere else.
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3 years ago#17
D/P/P's Game Corner music was the only thing I missed in Gen 5.
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3 years ago#18
I want Voltorb Flip back, along with the ability to buy coins.

Everybody wins.
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3 years ago#19
I don't for sure and like bug contest for old pokes what with white forest and bw2 ingame trades stuff but mass out-breaks is fine with mine and no safari zones other thing I wanted removed
3 years ago#20
and rather they give out random prizes like tms and home console game for other stuff one than bp on for in-game stuff
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