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Why is everyone buying Pokemon Y instead of X?

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2 years ago#51
I don't like Yveltal because of his death theme, I like him because I like his design a lot. Plus the scarfy thing just makes me love him so much more for some reason.
2 years ago#52
Valorous_Roland posted...
NegaZelda posted...
I don't like the look of Yveltal at all, so I am getting X. Seriously, what's wrong with rainbow antlers? I like the sleek and slim design of Xerneas. Yveltal just looks oversized and obnoxious to me.

Xerneas is the best looking legendary let, in my opinion. I know no one agrees with me, but I think it looks awesome. Yveltal looks really generic.

This. Yveltal is your run of the mill "cool" legendary that players need to reaffirm their masculinity. I'd rather pick Xerneas, it looks so different and majestic compared to "zomg death bird bro!"

Also Blue Deer > Red Bird.
2 years ago#53
Diayamondo posted...
What was the point of making the X legendary look lamer than the Y one? Doesn't make much sense to me considering Y is going to attract most of the sales.

Official leader of the Illuminati.
2 years ago#54
people are delusional and think yveltal is cooler than xerneas
2 years ago#55
We've had way too many bird and dragon legendaries, so I welcome the rainbow buck.
2 years ago#56
I'm getting X. Dark/Flying isn't appealing to me. We have enough flying types already damnit lol But how many Fairy types? Exactly. Besides I have played with dragonish looking pokes before. But a deer looking one? Nope. And it looks cool too so i'll take it.
"It's called Xbox One because it took 359 steps backwards!"
2 years ago#57
Also, I expected people to like Xerneas more. I often get the less popular game. Yveltal isn't the typical dragon/bird legendary we usually get. I don't even consider it a bird, let alone a dragon.

I do like Xerneas, but I just fell for Yveltal. I don't usually like the black legendary or the bird/dragon-like legendary either.
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  3. Why is everyone buying Pokemon Y instead of X?

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