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What new pokemon typings would you like to see in X and Y?

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3 years ago#11
reflectives posted...

Poison/ Flying

Zubat and his evolutions say hi
3 years ago#12

I would say Ghost/Steel but Honedge. I remember saying something like "We need a Ghost/Steel Pokemon that's a sword or some armor or something." a week before it was leaked.
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3 years ago#13
Bug/Dragon(Yanmega evo?)

Hell, pretty much any type combo that hasn't been done yet, I want.
3 years ago#14
Electric/Fighting Thor
Bug/Dragon Kamen Rider psuedo legendary
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3 years ago#15
Electric/Ice that can actually learn Ice Beam
Electric/Grass that can actually learn attacks Grass types are known for (like sleep powder)
Another Electric/Fairy (I'd be surprised if Dedenne didn't suck)
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3 years ago#16
My personal hope? On top of Mega-Evos for Mawile and Sableye (Steel/Fairy and Dark/Ghost) they get a trade evolution (like Karrablast and Shelmet) where they trade secondary types.

Mawile evolution: Steel/Ghost

Sableye evolution: DARK/FAIRY!!!!
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3 years ago#17
Would like to see a new Water/Fighting type

Poliwrath and Keldeo need more friends
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3 years ago#18
Fighting/Flying (Geez, just retcon Staraptor)
Gamertag: SquirtleMan649
3 years ago#19
CyberWrist101 posted...

The Lileeps weeps
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3 years ago#20
Fighting/Flying, especially since Acrobatics seems so made for this kind of typing
Fire/Poison - considering fire outbreaks produce smog that is highly toxic if exposed to for too long, I'm stumped it hasn't been done yet. Also, yay for frying Steel types and poisoning almost everything else.
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