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Pokken, a Pokemon x Tekken crossover? XD

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User Info: sl00wpoke

3 years ago#11
Only if it has TTT2's WUB WUB WUB music and the 'I sound like I just got punched in the throat' announcer

User Info: zantx

3 years ago#12
ChiefCole posted...
Lukazuya vs Blazijin

It all makes sense now! That few seconds mystery ending of Lucario vs. Blaziken must be foreshadowing this game!

User Info: Golurkcanfly

3 years ago#13
TaticalWarrior posted...
Golurkcanfly posted...
Ken just means fist. Pokken (Poke Fist) has nothing to do with Tekken (Iron Fist).

I am just asking if you would like this hipotesis. A Pokémon fighting game, where you have 3D movement, and attack buttons, combos, HP bars, etc. A complete fightning game, like Tekken, Soul Calibur, etc. But with pokémon.

I would say more akin to Street Fighter focusing more on Special Moves instead of combos.
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