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sylveon to have high sp def and HP

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User Info: lordlugia_rocks

3 years ago#21
Maybe 95 Base Hp, 130 Base SpD, and 110 Base speed?

I'd be okay with that. speedy wishes are always nice and 95 HP is passable. I can't see her making a big splash though not with Cute Charm at least. but it's still WAYYYYYYYYYYY too early to judge.
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User Info: mjalal100

3 years ago#22
Dat draco meteor animation..
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User Info: Arkkana

3 years ago#23
mjalal100 posted...
Dat draco meteor animation..

Dat Noivern..

User Info: MukAndMew

3 years ago#24
he was using trick room which is an indicator that sylveon most likely wont have high speed


that seems plausible imo

lmao brainfart: this post is moot
It's over.
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