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Dragon-Type Eeveelution?

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User Info: Crazy-Eevee

3 years ago#1
Your opinion and feels towards it possibility & implementation?

User Info: Sab_Liath

3 years ago#2
I'd love to see it made real.

Possible names: Drakeon, Wyvereon,

Evelution method: Bring your Eevee to the hidden caverns in the mountains, level it up while it is holding a Dragon Claw,
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User Info: keflyn

3 years ago#3
Highly unlikely. Reasons?

Merchandise with the eeveelutions (Including Slyveon) is everywhere in Japan, the Pokemon store is full of it. Bags, books, pencils, hats, clothes, I doubt they would add another one to then have to re-design all the stuff.
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User Info: CalciferJenkins

3 years ago#4
I saw someone suggest the name Draconeon, I like that.
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User Info: trashyjc

3 years ago#5
I'm still waiting for this to happen. One can hope..

User Info: Solar_Crimson

3 years ago#6
I'm still hoping that there is a Dragon Eeveelution, for these reasons:

1. So far, new Eeveelutions have come in pairs: Espeon and Umbreon, and Glaceon and Leafeon. It'd be disappointing to see 6th Gen not continue the trend.
2. One of the paired Eeveelutions has a type advantage over its "partner": Umbreon beats Espeon, and Glaceon beats Leafeon. A Dragon-type Eeveelution would be a logical choice here, considering Fairy's advantage over Dragon, and would hype up the new Fairy-type as well. Alternatively, they could also introduce a Poison-type Eevee or a Steel-type Eevee (since those two are said to be strong against Fairy).

Though I agree that if there WAS a second Eeveelution, they'd be advertising it right alongside Sylveon. Unlike in Gen.4 where both of the Eeveelutions were unknown until the game came out. - My Backloggery
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User Info: Prodozul

3 years ago#7
CalciferJenkins posted...
I saw someone suggest the name Draconeon, I like that.


User Info: Callista08

3 years ago#8
The issue with the "they would have revealed by now" argument is that Sylveon is special. She represented a new type not found in the previous games. Granted by now they should have revealed it, but still that could have been a factor and could be hiding.

However as of late they've really went away from the norm. I bet Sylveon is the only one.
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User Info: Fardrassil

3 years ago#9
As much as I'd like to see one, it seems unlikely given all the Sylveon hype not leaving much room.

User Info: Mcis1979

3 years ago#10
But think about if a new eeveelution existed and was an old type it would still be outshined by the new type or worse it would overshadow the implications of a new type.

I think since glaceon and leafeon didnt recieve any hype when d/p came out it wont make a difference. They could still be hiding one.
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